Avro Vatho Chokkat Keruvo 
August 2020

Sourashtra Dhaan is pleased to launch a video series to revive native (pure) Sourashtra words in everyday use!

We hope that the video series will offer an exciting learning experience to enrich your vocabulary while speaking Sourashtra for everyday conversations. 

Corona Virus Relief
April 2020

In partnership with regional relief teams, Dhaan is assisting seniors and economically disadvantaged families by providing cooked food. The relief teams are also distributing groceries where cooking is not feasible. We targeted five areas.

Palkar Hospital 
January 2020

The objective of this project is to support Palkar Hospital in Madurai and to serve the community with low-cost, high-quality healthcare. Dhaan sponsored a 20KW solar power initiative to minimize the operational costs so that the clinic can become sustainable in energy needs, redeploy the energy savings in offering medical camps and other community services.

Medical Service
March 2019

Sourashtra Dhaan Organization supported the efforts of Dr. Gokulnath Premchand and his team of volunteer physicians in the following areas:

1. Medical camps in remote areas of Madurai by a team of volunteer physicians

2. Om Sakthi Seva Scans & Labs center in Madurai. 

In-patient services coordinated by the team.

New Chapter - 
Education 2nd Chapter
March 2019

Dhaan is glad to announce that we are starting another chapter for education in March 2019 in Seattle! Through this expanded reach, we aspire to help as many students as possible.

Chapter Lead: Mr. Madan Appiah

New Chapter - 
Medical Services
Dec 2018

To extend the Dhaan organization to the Atlanta area and engage the community there to run charitable medical services projects aligned to the mission of Dhaan.

Scope includes running medical camps in rural parts of Madurai and to provide medical treatments for the underprivileged.

Chapter Lead: Mr. Ganesh Ananthu

Weavers Colony Welfare
Oct to Nov 2018

Weavers Colony Welfare project was kicked off with a budget of $5,000. On Nov 2nd, about 110 beneficiaries received new clothing.

Brindhavan Renovation
Sep 2018

Sriman Natana Gopala Nayaki Swamigal Brindhavan Renovation project was approved with a budget of $10,000. (Ten Thousand Dollars Only)

Scholarship Awards
Jul 2018

  • Four additional students were awarded. These students are currently pursuing engineering degrees.
  • 48 students of Madurai Gandhi N.M.R. Subburaman College for Women were awarded scholarship.

Education Endowment Fund
May 2018

The Dallas team raised $5,000 in individual contributions and matching dollars from the Dhaan committee!! 

This fund will continue to grow over the next 2-3 years in order to generate returns that can be used for education projects.

Only the interest will be withdrawn and the principal will be preserved for future. 

New Chapter - Heritage
Feb 2018

To extend the Dhaan organization to the Seattle area and engage the community there to run charitable projects aligned to the mission of Dhaan.

Area of focus: Heritage, Culture, Language and Education

Chapter Lead: Mr. Ganesh Kuduva (heritage@dhaan.org)

Vidhya - Dhaan
Jan - Mar 2018

Vidhya Dhaan project is started to build a team of volunteers. Working with colleges in Madurai to bring new project ideas, guest lectures, etc. This project will start its activities in 2019.

Education Endowment Fund
Dec 2017

Education Endowment Fund project was kicked off for 2018. This project will start a restricted fund to help cover expenses for education-related projects.

Site Visit 
Dec 2016

Our board member visited Madurai Gandhi N.M.R. Subbaraman College for Women. This visit was an opportunity to see the textbooks library established by Dhaan early in 2016. The executive members of the college board offered a tour to the library, computers lab, and classrooms.

Dhaan committed to purchase Ten computers @ Rs.30,500/- (Each) benefiting a total 90 students per day. Additionally, Three used laptops were donated. The Management staff were very pleased and expressed their sincere appreciation for the donations!!

We would like to THANK all of our donors for the generosity showered for this project!!

Computers for Lab 
Oct 2016

Our board approved “Computers for Lab” project. We launched a campaign to raise funds

Site Visit
Sep 2016

Our board member visited Madurai Gandhi N.M.R. Subbaraman College for Women and discussed with the college administration about the critical needs requiring support

Second Scholarship Award
Jun 2016

Second scholarship was awarded to another student Roshan studying B.E. (ECE).

Library Loaner Textbooks
Feb - Apr 2016

Library Loaner Textbooks project successfully planned and executed.