Dhaan 2021 - 2022- Debate and Extemporaneous Speaking Class for 6th to 8th Graders

Class Start Date       : 12th September 2021

Class End Date         : 3rd April 2022*

Class Frequency      : 1 Hour on Sundays 

Number of Classes  : 20 Classes

Class Time                 : 7 PM to 8 PM US CDT

Cost                             :  200 USD / Per Student 

(Original Price $225 and register by September 5th for the discounted price of 200 USD)

Tournament Date      : 3rd April 2022*

* There will be no classes on the long weekends and holidays. Class End Date / Tournament date may change depending on the holiday weekends and high school tournament date conflicts.

All classes are offered through online group lessons.

Please make sure the student attends all classes there will be no make-up lessons.

Refund Policies

Student withdrawing before first class : FULL REFUND

Student withdrawing after 1st  class     : $190 (or if you wish you can donate to www.dhaan.org,  which would support various non-profit activities in India)

Student withdrawing after 2nd class     : NO REFUND

SPOTS are limited, Please register as soon as possible. First-Come, First Served.

Why do we need to learn Speech and Debate?

  • Improves Critical and Logical Thinking to prepare the students for college
  • Builds Self-Confidence and Leadership Skills
  • Invaluable Life Skill
  • Enhances Research Skills for a successful College Experience.
  • Helps to Learn Vital Scholarship
  • Boost Classroom Performance
  • Improves Communication Skills

Debate and Extemporaneous Speaking Class:

         This class is for students who wish to enhance their communication skills and critical thinking skills. The class will cover Debate and Extemporaneous speaking, both on an introductory and competitive level. There will be a strong focus on logical thinking, as well as appealing speaking. specifically, focusing on ideas such as current events topics, argument creation, and public speaking skills. whether looking to do competitive debate, or simply lookin to improve your speaking skills, all students will find this class fruitful for their personal and professional growth!

Class Curriculum:

  • Lectures
  • Collaborative Class Time
  • Speech Writing and Research Time
  • Drills and Procedural Advice
  • One On One Guidance
  • Practice Speeches And Debates
  • Current Event Analysis

Meet Your Instructor

Amit Konda

  • Rising High School Junior competing Speech and Debate for more than 6 years.
  • Instructor and Coach at PWSH Debate Camp, Nation’s Top 10 Debate program.
  • Middle School Debate team mentor
  • Speech and Debate tournament judge
  • Conducted four speech and debate workshops since 2020
  • Trained over 50 students
  • NSDA Qualifier, Tournaments of Champions Qualifier, TFA State Qualifier two years in a row, Competed in numerous out-rounds in Congressional debate and Extemporaneous Speaking at Tournaments such as Stanford, TFA State and National Tournaments