Competitive Math Program

Dhaan 2022 - Competitive Math Program for 4th to 7th graders

Class Start Date       : 29th January 2022

Class End Date         : 7th May 2022*

Class Frequency      : 1 Hour on Sundays 

Number of Classes  : 15 Classes

Class Time                 : 5 PM to 6 PM US CDT

Cost                             :  150 USD / Per Student 

* There will be no classes on the long weekends and holidays. Class End Date may change depending on the holiday weekends.

All classes are offered through online group lessons.

Please make sure the student attends all classes there will be no make-up lessons.

Refund Policies Student withdrawing before first class : FULL REFUND Student withdrawing after 1st  class     : $140 (or if you wish you can donate to,  which would support various non-profit activities in India) Student withdrawing after 2nd class     : NO REFUND SPOTS are limited, Please register as soon as possible. First-Come, First Served.

Why you should join the class:

  • Develops unique problem solving skills
  • Improves creative thinking
  • Increased chance of college admission
  • Earns Scholarships
  • Improves team skills
  • Helps kids think “outside the box”
  • Develops critical thinking skills

Competitive Math Program:

         This class is for students from grade 4 to 7th who would like to learn and strengthen their competitive math skills and problem solving skills. The program will help students to improve their critical thinking and build a strong foundation for their higher education. 

Class Curriculum:

1st Week:   Practice test and introductions

2nd-4th WeekAlgebraic mathematics (Simultaneous Equations,Summations etc)

5th-7th Week: Counting and probability (Permutations,Combinatorics,Casework etc)

8th Week: Mid Term Test and review to work on

9th-11th Week: Number Theory ( Modular Arithmetic, Prime Numbers etc)

12th-14th Week: Geometry (Arc Theorems, Circle Theorems etc)

15th Week: Final Test

    • Lecturing
    • Practice Tests
    • Mentoring
    • Team Activities
    • Math Olympiad practices, AMC 8, and Math Counts



Meet your Instructor:

Jayanth Muthu:

    • High School Sophomore
    • 7 years of experience in competitive math including math olympiads, AMC 8,10 and 12; MathCounts; Trigstar and Math Works.
    • Gold Medalist in Math Olympiad
    • Multiple National honor rolls in both the AMC 8 and AMC 10
    • Part of school MathCounts Team (represented at county level)
    • National recognition in Duke Tip
    • 800 in SAT Math