Dhaan 2021 - Speech and Debate Summer Workshop for 6th to 8th Graders

Workshop Date : July 26 to Aug 4

Tournament Date : Aug 4 

Workshop Cost : $150 / Per Student

Class Frequency : 1 Hr (Per Day) – 10 Days

Registration Deadline : July 20

All classes are offered through online group lessons.

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Why do we need to learn Speech and Debate?

  • Improves critical and logical thinking to prepare the students for college
  • Builds self-confidence and leadership skills
  • Invaluable life skill
  • Enhances research skills for a successful college experience
  • Helps to earn vital scholarship
  • Boosts classroom performance
  • Improves communication skills
Classes Offered Timings Registration
Public Speaking 6:00 to 7:00 PM CDT Click Here
Extemporaneous Speaking 7:00 to 8:00 PM CDT Click Here

What are we going to learn?

In Public Speaking Class:

         Public Speaking class is for students who wish to improve their ability to prepare and give a speech in front of a crowd. Students will learn not only how to deliver a speech, but the basics of writing a speech as well.  This course seeks to build a foundation for confidence in public speaking, through learning and practical experience.  Specifically, focusing on Critical Skills like Tone, Gestures, and Speaking Style.  Students looking to build their confidence in day to day situations, when you have to speak out, and even in a classroom or their future office, will surely benefit from this course!

In Extemporaneous Speaking Class:

        This class is for those who intend to engage in competitive Speech and Debate. Extemporaneous Speaking is an event with limited-prep time, where students are given 30 minutes to prepare a 7 minute speech, usually about a current event.  Competing in Extemporaneous Speaking, gives not only excellent public speaking skills, but allows for a deep understanding of current events and global issues.  Both logical thinking and impromptu speaking are emphasized.  Competing in speech and debate, provides a great opportunity for students to grow, while looking great on a resume.  It may seem daunting, but with this course, Extemp will become like second nature!

Meet Your Instructor

Amit Konda

  • Rising High School Junior competing Speech and Debate for more than 6 years.
  • Instructor and Coach at PWSH Debate Camp, Nation’s Top 10 Debate program.
  • Middle School Debate team mentor
  • Speech and Debate tournament judge
  • Conducted four speech and debate workshops since 2020
  • Trained over 50 students
  • NSDA Qualifier, Tournaments of Champions Qualifier, TFA State Qualifier two years in a row, Competed in numerous out-rounds in Congressional debate and Extemporaneous Speaking at Tournaments such as Stanford, TFA State and National Tournaments