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Sourashtra Dhaan Organization is a charity serving the Sourashtra Community’s unmet needs in the United States and India.

Sourashtra Dhaan Organization was established in 2015 in Dallas, Texas, USA by a small team of individuals in Dallas as a way to give back to the community. We execute projects with a clear expectation of the benefit to be offered to the needy.

We do this by planning diligently, establishing a project structure, raising funds, keeping overhead costs to an absolute minimum, and delivering as committed. In other words, we spend a significant portion of our efforts in ensuring that your contributions make a positive difference in the long run! 

Sourashtra Dhaan Organization has become one of the most trusted and effective charitable foundations, working hard to improve the lives.

Youth Driven Walkathon 2021

Hosted By Sourashtra Youths

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Laptops For Online Classes
Palkar Hospital Trust, Madurai
Palkar Hospital
Weavers Colony Welfare
Weavers Colony Welfare
N K Kuppien - School
Palkar School

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Avre Vatto Chokkad Kero - Handav Tauram
Seva Bhaav

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